A Business Thank You Card

The 3 Essentials!

Your Business card.

Making a great first impression often begins with your business card. Your business card is typically the first of your marketing materials that a new client will see. It should clearly tell your client who you are and what you do at first glance.


Your Business Web site.

Having an online presence is a "must" if you want to be taken seriously in today's business world. A Web site is also a great marketing tool that can help you to find, educate and pre-qualify prospects and cut down the time and energy involved in your sales cycle.


Your Follow-up Thank you.

A follow-up tool such as a post card, newsletter or note card is essential to make sure that your services/business stays in "top-of-mind" status with the people that you meet. It's said that a prospect may need to hear from you up to seven times before they will make a purchase. So it is important to create tools and a system to enable you to follow up with your prospects once you've made that initial connection.

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